PSL Datatrack Proud To Support The BTMA

As a long standing member of the British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association (BTMA), PSL Datatrack recognises the important role that the organisation plays in helping the manufacturing industry to source high quality precision turned parts and machined components, as well as related manufacturing software and production services. A number of members are PSL Datatrack users themselves and amongst these are Wealdpark Limited and Qualiturn Products Limited, whose directors are currently President and Vice President of the BTMA respectively.

“It is fantastic recognition of the quality of our system to have both the President and Vice President’s companies relying on PSL Datatrack production control software to help run their businesses.” says Geoff Gartland, Managing Director of PSL.

Phil Smith, BTMA President and Managing Director of Wealdpark uses their membership of the BTMA to full advantage, including its role as a forum for exchanging ideas with other members.  “One of the great strengths of BTMA membership is the opportunity to network and discuss technical information. Full members are in the same type of business and face similar challenges. The rivalry is friendly but supportive, with different companies often finding alternative or better solutions to specific production problems which they can share to the benefit of everyone.”

Wealdpark first invested in PSL Datatrack eight years ago, having considered various software suppliers and chose the system to overcome the burden of repetitive administration in their production process. Over the years, PSL Datatrack has enabled Wealdpark to streamline and speed up its production processes. It has also helped to free up Phil's time, enabling him to fulfil the busy and challenging role of BTMA President. “To be honest, it is difficult to see how we managed before we had PSL Datatrack.” says Phil.

PSL proud to support BTMANick Groom, BTMA Vice President and Managing Director of Qualiturn, has a similar story to tell. His company has relied on PSL Datatrack since 1994. “The longevity of our relationship is testimony in itself to how much we think of the PSL Datatrack system. Within the BTMA, everyone can see what we have achieved as a company and the different technologies we have employed to reach our current position. If we have a good solution for a specific production task we are happy to share information – the use of PSL Datatrack Status Boards is a good example.”

Nick says working with PSL Datatrack is a strong two way relationship whereby he lets PSL know what Qualiturn need and offers ideas for enhancing the software. Indeed, many of Qualiturn's suggestions have been submitted through the wish list system and have become part of a subsequent product release to the wider PSL Datatrack community. Geoff and his team support Qualiturn not just on a day to day basis, but with recommendations on how the software can be used to help the company to be ever more productive.

“We have known both companies for a long time and are delighted to continue to work with them as well as other members of the BTMA.” comments Geoff. “The BTMA is an excellent association for any company looking to source turned parts and machined components as well as for companies like PSL Datatrack as it keeps them fully abreast of the subcontract manufacturing industry's ever changing needs.”